Journey to your own deepest wisdom

Are you longing for real change, for greater authenticity and vitality in life? 
Do you feel stuck, or triggered, or as if you are sabotaging yourself--or just surviving instead of thriving?
You're in the right place.  
Let's go on a healing journey together, to discover the root of the issues and to heal the mind/body connection. Let's get to the deepest source. For true, lasting change. 
You'll emerge with life-long resources... deep insights... and authentic actions for your own unique path.

For greater freedom

and control in your life


hi, I'm jennifer, and I'm thrilled you're here

I'm blown away by the amazing inner wisdom and clarity you can access when we gently relax the chattering ego/mind and really tap into your authentic self. I've seen this again and again--and I know it will work for you, too.


Let me be your guide to letting go of behaviors that no longer serve you. Your subconsious knows exactly where you need to go for your own greatest personal growth. I see your potential and help you open up to it, so you can step out with greater authenticity in the world.


With my gentle guidance, you can safely move beyond old patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors to achieve whatever"MORE" you are craving--whether that be more health, more wealth, deep relationships, greater empowerment, or more self-love.

Having participated in my own healing hypnotherapy sessions since 2006, both individually and in group settings, I am comfortable with whatever comes up in your session. 


I'm passionate about this work and have been deeply honored to witness the healing transformation of many individuals.


Photo: Jackie Donnelly

Intensive training and background:  

  • Certificate in Professional Hypnotherapy from Bastyr University

  • Two-year Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Internship at the Wellness Institute

  • Certificate in Clinical Heart-Centered Hypnosis from the Wellness Institute

  • Hypnotherapy Registration, state of Washington, number HP 60623787

  • Transpersonal Coaching Program graduate

  • Certified by International Hypnosis Association

  • Reiki Second Degree (authentic Usui Shiki Ryoho method)

  • Background in bioethics and editing, and experience in corporate and non-profit settings


wisdom voyage sessions

Your sessions are customized to your needs and may include a combination of the following techniques:

  • healing hypnotherapy

  • hypnotic life coaching

  • subtle energy such as Reiki

Examples of the benefits include:​

Freedom from the past:

  • reclaim inner safety

  • address past wounds and trauma

  • re-parent yourself

  • nurture the inner child

  • childhood and ​womb regression

  • reclaim strengths or parts of yourself you thought were lost

  • reconnect with ancestors

Freedom to choose current behaviors:

  • develop innate resourcefulness and resilience

  • reframe behaviors and extinguish outdated behaviors

  • reduce unwanted urges and cravings

  • explore secondary gains

  • develop healthy self-care

  • create empowerment symbols and customized affirmations

  • explore your greatest strengths and understand how to live them

Freedom and clarity in relationships:

  • love yourself first

  • clear out codependency

  • release past hurts

  • forgive yourself and others

  • step out of the drama triangle

  • understand and develop healthy interdependence

Freedom to create your desired future:

  • discover your Highest Self

  • explore life path and purpose

  • increase your mind/body connection

  • increase focus and flow for clarity and productivity

  • career exploration

  • strong decision-making

  • develop intelligence and inner wisdom

  • sacred healing journey

  • meet spirit or animal guides

About services

Hypnotherapy and coaching are powerful additions to your self-care and personal growth work. If you are ready and willing to create change and take personal responsibility for your life, I'd love to talk with you.

Hypnotherapy and life coaching are not substitutes for medical care or mental health care. Please inform your health care provider or counselor of your intention to use hypnosis services. 

I have received frequent referrals from therapists and counselors who recognize the power of hypnotherapy and the value of alternative, effective approaches. I'm happy talk with your care provider.

Services are not billable to insurance. Fees are payable in full at the beginning of each session via cash, check, credit card or Venmo (preferred). 

All are welcome.



I accept you where you are and however you identify yourself. 


We all “edit” ourselves to a certain extent when talking to friends or family—but I aim to create a very safe, non-judgmental space, and I encourage you to not edit yourself whenever possible.

Spiritual or Secular

This path can be spiritual or remain secular, as you choose. It works for both believers and skeptics (I have a healthy dose of the skeptic myself!). 


No matter your beliefs, I will generally work with you to develop a sense of inner connection, a sense of the highest part of yourself. To develop your sense of worthiness.


If you choose, we can incorporate your spirituality in the sessions.  I understand spirituality as anything that you consider to be greater than you, in whatever way you conceive of it. Some of my clients follow more traditional wisdom paths, while others connect with their Highest Self, nature, science, or the earth.


what others have to say

Jennifer is a gifted healer that holds a safe space for you to do the work you wanted to come do, then the deeper work you haven’t imagined doing.  I deeply and with full integrity recommend anyone, especially those who may have hesitation to what hypnotherapy is all about, go see her.  Meet her and you will see she has this familiar comforting sense about her that puts you at ease and allows you to go deeper then you may imagine in the 1st meeting with her.  I walked away feeling lighter and given tools that i wanted and could use to move forward. You will be so pleasantly surprised how much you can let go of and how much you can step thru, with a simple session with the gifts she has to help you work thru your blocks.  Best part if your not ready to go from 1-10 in the 1st session you don’t need to, you're able to set your own pace and comfort to your own process.

-Erin Migas O'Leary, Seattle


Before my session with Jennifer, hypnosis was a mystery to me. I wasn’t sure what it entailed or how it would help me. Although I considered myself to be generally happy, I had an elusive sense of unease when sticking up for myself. I felt safe with Jennifer as she helped me identify situations from childhood where these anxieties originated. Jennifer brought clarity to these issues. She has given me the tools to release from projecting and attaching to others’ feelings. Jennifer is a healing guide and brings wisdom and compassion to her sessions. 



Thank you Jennifer! You are a talented and intuitive coach and so helpful to me. I really appreciate you and am honored that you are my coach.


I can highly recommend Jennifer and her skills in hypnotherapy. In my sessions I was aware of how she was present, caring, and responsive. With Jennifer's smooth facilitation I was able to process a difficult situation that over the years has created a lot of anxiety for me. Since the sessions my reactions have shifted from being very scared to feeling a greater sense of ease. Its as if the tension I was feeling simply melted away.


-JB, Seattle


Jennifer is a very good listener and very adept at getting to the heart of the issue. She had some really great insights on how to move forward with the issue that continue to be helpful. I highly recommend Jennifer, she is gentle & kind, but leads firmly. 

I felt like dancing afterwards!

Wisdom Voyage

Hypnotherapy &
Hypnotic Life Coaching


what is hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a simple shifting of your focus.  We use a natural, relaxed state of awareness to bring greater intentionality to your life.

The American Psychological Association describes it as follows:

Hypnosis is a therapeutic technique in which clinicians make suggestions to individuals who have undergone a procedure designed to relax them and focus their minds.

Although hypnosis has been controversial, most clinicians now agree it can be a powerful, effective therapeutic technique for a wide range of conditions, including pain, anxiety and mood disorders. Hypnosis can also help people change their habits, such as quitting smoking.

Hypnotherapy uses the powerful hypnotic state to access the root cause and related knowledge stored in your mind and body, and to help you transform unhealthy patterns.

Through this method you will gain much more real control over your own behaviors. Open yourself up to the power of the other 90% of your mind.   

what is hypnotic coaching?

With a combination of hypnosis, transpersonal coaching, and powerful questions, I support you in transforming your life, reaching goals, and designing your life on purpose. This is an empowering and interactive process to unfold your deepest longings. With my gentle yet firm support and encouragement, I help you access and direct your own inner wisdom toward your greatest potential. 


Ideally, we commit to work together for three months, twice a month. You commit to completing at-home practice and experiments between our sessions.  I am available for support between sessions via email, text, and occasional brief phone conversations.


Committing to a multi-month program is required because it enables your subconscious to really show up and reveal the most powerful way forward.  

how long will it take to experience a shift?

Short answer:  To experience truly lasting shifts, plan to commit to a series sessions. 


Long answer:  People often ask me this, and it's difficult to gauge without discussing your specific context. Some people have done a lot of other personal work and are primed for change. For others, perhaps this is an early foray into healing a long-standing issue. 

Most of my clients have experienced a positive shift in perspective, and often great relief, after just a session or two.


That said, if you've been struggling with a significant block for years, you need to know that it's going to take some time for us to uncover all the threads and causes, to supplant sabotaging beliefs, and to really cement in your day-to-day, chosen behaviors. Often, we uncover other issues that must be addressed along the way. We are reprogramming the mind--and while it can feel like magic and sometimes is, it usually won't happen overnight.  


Thankfully, the initial burst of relief creates the momentum to propel you forward, so you can continue stepping out of your comfort zone over rocky terrain and working through the resulting shifts in your relationships.


At our initial session, I can recommend a starting point, a series of 3 to 12 sessions, depending on what your goals and situation are. If you cannot commit to a series, you probably aren't ready for change yet. 

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Wisdom Voyage

Hypnotherapy &
Hypnotic Life Coaching


We value and protect your privacy.


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