Create your best year ever by focusing on your core values

January 3, 2016


Happy new year! A great way to bring in the new year is to remember your core values. What makes you feel really alive and at peace with life? Focus on your values is essential to living them out more authentically and to feeling better about your life.  


So how do you uncover your own values? You might try journaling: write out the sentence stem, "I value" and complete it, again and again. You might start with something that sounds silly, but through repeating "I value" over a couple of pages, and just filling in whatever comes up can be super illuminating! 


If writing isn't your thing, try it with a friend or relative. Ask each other, "What do you value?" The person responding doesn't stop to think, she just says what pops into her mind. Keep asking the question, without pause, and you'll find that deeper truths start to flow. 


If you feel stuck on discovering your core values, a hypnotherapy session can really help. I'm excited to welcome you and guide you into wholeness, authenticity, and connection with your true values!


I'm accepting new clients now at my West Seattle office.  

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May 21, 2016

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