What exactly is hypnosis anyways?

July 16, 2016

Hypnosis is a simple shifting from conscious to subconscious. It is a completely natural, relaxed state of awareness you go into and out of all day long. In hypnotherapy, we leverage this natural state to bring greater intentionality and control to your life and habits.


This powerful state enables you to access memories and wisdom stored in your subconscious mind, and to heal and transform unhealthy patterns.


You are always in control--in fact, through this method you will actually gain much more real control over your own behaviors.


If you try to change your behavior using your conscious mind, you are using only 10 to 20 % or your mind. When we actively work with the subconscious, you can leverage the other 80 to 90% of your mind, where habits and bodily functions are controlled.



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May 21, 2016

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