Group program or one-on-one to:


  • reduce stress eating

  • stop yo-yo dieting

  • heal food addictions

  • feel easily in control

Integrative Program to Heal Food Issues

What is Trim-Life?

Trim-Life is a mindset program, taking advantage of the power of your subconscious mind (up to 90% of your mind!) to transform your relationship with food. 


In a group or 1:1 setting, this 4-week program empowers you to manage your hunger and weight in entirely new ways. You will also experience less stress and greater relaxation as the struggle with food eases.


This integrative health program, designed by medical doctors and hypnotherapists, presents a unique combination of hypnosis, mindfulness, and cognitive tools all designed to empower you. 


With these innovative tools, you can regain your power of choice. Unconscious patterns often hold us back from real change, but with hypnosis we unlock the old patterns to create new neural pathways.

How does hypnosis support weight management?


Our gentle hypnosis method helps you feel satisfied with smaller portions. Hypnosis will also help you eliminate cravings.  And we use hypnotherapy to associate your triggers for binge-eating with unpleasant feelings in your subconscious. Instead of feeling restricted, you naturally choose to bypass trigger foods.

We also deep dive to discover patterns from your childhood effecting your health today. 

What does mindfulness have to do with it?


Mindfulness and relaxation techniques will help you to change inner programming that can make sustained weight loss a challenge. The stress cycle keeps us trapped in patterns that don't serve us, and it's only when we learn to deeply relax the nervous system that we are free to choose, free to change.


  • DETAILS:  

    Four sessions,  2 hours each

    in West Seattle:  Session starting soon (Oct/Nov 2016)

    Maximum 4 participants. Reserve your space now with a $50 deposit.

    Online:  Contact me for info


    (Includes book, workbook and CDs)


Make a healthy choice today.

How can  I maintain progress during and after the program? 


Each participant receives a workbook, book, and CD recordings that will help to reinforce your healthy new lifestyle choices at home.  In addition, I introduce a powerful small-group process to help group members support each other after the formal program ends. Finally, I am always available for 1:1 sessions.

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Hi, I'm Jennifer, and I'm thrilled you're here.


I am a certified clinical hypnotist from The Wellness Institute and a registered hypnotherapist in the state of Washington. Read more about my background here.


I've personally experienced the power of the Trim-Life program and am so excited to share it with you. It is gentle yet powerful. My experience enabled me to feel so much calmer and in control of my food choices. And the process is fun too!


Contact me for a complimentary 20-minute intro session

to see if we click!


I offer individual and group TRIM-LIFE programs from my West Seattle home office. 

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